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20 Мая 2022 пятница
Arayik Sargsyan10.01.2018  с помощью Деловая газета Взгляд
Новая война за передел Балкан перестает быть пустой угрозой
Грузия возмущена «неслыханной наглостью»: президентскую делегацию Южной Осетии принимают в Европе на государственном уровне. Но самой Европе сейчас не до Грузии, ее беспокоит принимающая сторона – Республика Сербская и ее президент Милорад Додик. Считается, что последний ведет РС к выходу из Боснии. Следовательно, к новой кровавой войне на Балканах.

Germany together with Turkey creates geopolitical alliance against China.

Expert assessment of Academy of Geopolitics.
In due time the president of Academy of Geopolitics speaking at the summit of NATO in Georgia, within work of the Commission of NATO Georgia (CNG) September, 200, the union of the Christian countries round Turkey - for the sake of the world and development" suggested to create ". The academician Sargsyan Arayik (See a photo No. 1) formulated this concept as alternative of an initiative of the Foreign Minister of that time of Turkey Davutoglu Ahmed: "Zero problems with neighbors". The doctrine "zero problems with neighbors" was accepted in 2008 at that time still by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Ahmet Davutoglu explained the validity of the doctrine to that value of any country is defined by its geostrategic situation and "historical depth". From this point of view Turkey has the mass of benefits, being on a joint of the most important regions and a role was played by the Ottoman past.
It is known that Turkey – the successor of Ottoman Turkey who once conquered almost all Islamic world. The doctrine is only part of the postulate on continuity of historical basis and political space accepted in 1990. "Zero problems with neighbors" — intervention in internal affairs of other states, however, assumed this not simply peaceful interaction with the neighboring republics.
The course assumes expansion of influence of the Turkish state three trajectories – political, economic, military, with an ultimate goal – to become the Middle Eastern leader and a transit hub in the region. At the heart of the purpose – imperial traditions of policy of Tayyip Erdogan. And at the heart of these traditions – a "neoottoman" course. Everything quite simply and keeps within the one and only thesis – submission and control of Middle Eastern processes.
However, to imperial dreams of Davutoglu Akhmat (the ethnic Jew) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (the ethnic Adzharian), the doctrine it wasn't fated to come true. As modern Turkey, the program shows not only didn't lead to stabilization of the relations with neighbors, but also reached the conflictogenic peak in interaction with them. "Zero problems" develops into a set of problems.

Arayik Sargsyan, academician, Honourable Consul of Macedonia, President of Academy of Geopolitics, Representative of AIC in the Countries of the Middle East.