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21 Мая 2022 суббота
Arayik Sargsyan20.11.2017  с помощью Деловая газета Взгляд
При заправке разгонного блока «Фрегат» на Байконуре произошла нештатная ситуация
При заправке разгонного блока «Фрегат» на Байконуре возникла нештатная ситуация, связанная с работой одного из его клапанов, сообщил официальный представитель РКК «Энергия».
WHETHER there WILL be a TRADE WAR BETWEEN MEMBERS of EAEU? Expert assessment of Academy of Geopolitics.
Tension between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan increases. In spite of the fact that the leaving president of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev apologized for sharpness to the Kazakhstan colleague, nevertheless leaving the post he signed the law on denunciation of six protocols and the agreements concluded earlier with Kazakhstan. Among them two protocols which were signed by heads of two states for the last year during meetings in the Russian Federation.
"intra regional integration in Central Asia will be never". "So far there are two tendencies: productive rapprochement of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan and quite probable rapprochement of Kyrgyzstan with Tajikistan on the general Salafi platform and under management from Riyadh … A single question — fiasco of the Kremlin policy in Kyrgyzstan", the Economic agreement on financial aid that with anger cancelled parliament of Kyrgyzstan was signed at the end of last year at a meeting of the Supreme Euroasian economic council in St. Petersburg. So, denunciation of the agreement of one of decisions within EAEU directly infringes on interests of the Kremlin. According to experts of our Academy of Geopolitics: — Moscow and Astana traditionally positioned themselves as engines of the Euroasian information. And now one of founding fathers of EAEU in the person of Kazakhstan entered very rigid trade and economic fight with Kyrgyzstan. It is clear that Moscow anyway should sound the position too. Or she will get up on one of two parties, or will act as the intermediary that many now and expect. Russia understands that such conflicts can cause questions concerning prospects of this organization. After all trade wars and mutual sanctions – already tested tool. Such rates Kyrgyzstan in general can leave EAEU if the economic conflict to Kazakhstan doesn't manage to be allowed even with mediation of Moscow. In Central Asia already there is a precedent of an exit of Uzbekistan from the CSTO and its demonstrative unwillingness to enter EAEU".

Arayik Sargsyan, the Honourable Consul of Macedonia in Armenia,
President of Academy of Geopolitics, representative of AIC in the Countries of the Middle East.

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