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25 Мая 2018 пятница
Nikolai Sereda
Nikolai Sereda03.05.2015  с помощью YouTube
The Seeds of Life – A Recipe for the Future (Ep #7) - New Holland Agriculture
New Holland Agriculture presents the seventh and final episode “A Recipe for the Future” of the web series “The Seeds of Life”. #ThanksToHeroes How can we ensure a Sustainable Future, food security and healthy land for our children? What is the secret of successful and responsible development in farming? What can we all do to live and guarantee a way of living in harmony with Nature, respecting its cycles and the Earth, where nothing overwhelms the beauty of the world? Our Heroes, Farmers from 4 continents, know the most conclusive moment can be the beginning of a brighter tomorrow. They reap the rewards of hard work, encouraging sustainable Agriculture, revitalizing most respectful and healthy farming methods. Discover their Recipe for the Future, now. #TogetherWeFeedTheWorld Come and visit the Sustainable Farm Pavilion: the New Holland’s seed for a brighter future, sowed at Milan Expo 2015. Find out more here: http://goo.gl/kFUUwX.
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