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Alexandrа But But08.01.2015  с помощью Russia.ru
Шевченко vs Белковский
Прямой эфир
After the publication of my article: "WAR BETWEEN the USA And Russian Federation: To WHOM is IT FAVOURABLE?" where it was told literally: "perhaps the reason declaration of war of the USA is covered that the immediate environment of Mister Putin are now dollar billionaires! Here the USA imposed sanctions on their bank accounts and they are ready to declare war of the USA": . To us a set of letters with responses and with the offer to announce weight the list of people, to a lump in Russia well to live at present political and economic system arrived. Referring to publications in mass media, I will try it to make, having wished to all citizens of Russia seeks to get to this list.
On December 16 last year in the Kremlin took place a meeting of mister Putin and 40 oligarchs as it is represented, it was directed not on the requirement to sell parts of currency revenue of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for maintenance by the ruble exchange rate regulator, and on elaboration of the actions prolonging an agony of the existing mode which tired out itself in the trap which is dexterously placed by the IMF and financial clans. However, the Russian oligarchs aren't free in respect of decision-making on key questions of business because in their structure (as joint-stock companies) there are world financial grandees representing interests of families and family clans of many countries of the world.The most worthy representatives of this diaspora in Russia it is well to them to live:
I. Makhmudov — 8,7 billion dollars, Ural are mountain – iron and steel works, FC CSKA;
M. Black — 5 billion dollars, the numerous enterprises in Israel;
A. Usmanov — 17,6 billion dollars, Sibur, "Stroytransgaz";
S. Kerimov of-7,8 billion dollars, "Polymetal", "Polyus Gold", is connected with Vakhabitami;
A. Alekperov — 27,8 billion dollars, "Lukoil";
M. Gutseriev — 3,3 billion dollars, "Russneft", the FC Arsenal (artillery);
G. Nisanov — 3,6 billion dollars of Shopping Center Evropeysky, the Sadovod market, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre;
Z.Iliyev — 3,6 billion dollars, "Electronic paradise", Ukraine hotel, the Grandee, Shopping Center Moscow;
A. Agalarov — 1,8 billion dollars, "An Expo crocus", is made related with I. Aliyev;
Z. Magomedov — 1,2 billion dollars, Summa group;
F.Akhmedov — 1,4 billion US dollars;
G. Yushvayev — 1,7 billion dollars, "Polyus Gold";
T. Issmailov – 1,7 billion dollars, "the Cherkizovsky market", because of it are possible also a rasspalsa marriage of the Russian President:...
Arayik Sargsyan, the academician, the Honourable Consul of Macedonia in Armenia, the vice-president of Academy of Geopolitical problems of Russia.