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23 Июня 2024 воскресенье
Alexandrа But But27.12.2014  с помощью Деловая газета Взгляд
Козак: Поставки угля на Украину могут увеличить до 1 млн тонн в месяц
Если Москва и Киев подпишут дополнительное соглашение, Россия готова поставлять Украине не 500 тыс. тонн угля в...


For the leaving 2014, we had opportunity to discuss with you about the true reasons of war in Ukraine and about the future of the Crimea. In the articles we expressed opinion that war for the Crimea will be will proceed. If on March 21, 2014 becomes the contemporary history of Russia as date of accession of the Crimea with Russia, it is date for Izrail became the beginning of fight for complete control over the Crimea. And for achievement of this purpose Izrail won't stop before anything. ... Here pertinently to tell that in the pursued policy of the USA and Israel on the Kurdish question also other countries of the Near East - Turkey, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon and Azerbaijan were connected. That fact that the head of the Turkish investigation (MIT) Hakan Fidan (the ethnic Kurd) and Special Services of Armenia G. Akopyan serve interests of Israel and confidential structure of CIA of "Gladio", speaks about much:

The Fars agency claims that more than 2000 Jews already lodged in the Iraqi Kurdistan:
Proceeding from it, officials in Shiite Iran assume that Israel and "The Islamic State of Iraq and Liewangti" (IGIL) are in arrangement", the end of the quote. A question in that only when Israelis start buying up the depreciated lands, houses and Novorossiya's plants:

Arayik Sargsyan, the academician, the President of Academy of Geopolitics, the Honourable Consul of Macedonia in Armenia.