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21 Октября 2018 воскресенье
Oleg Finodeyev05.04.2014  с помощью web
Russia has gigantic proportion issue - housing. Hardship of getting place to live affects people in the most negative way - it is from my personal experience.
There are three things being the most of importance for each human being: first - roof over their heads.The second - bread. And the third - sex, or procreation if you wish.
Housing is the first! Without housing people will have enormous difficulties to start families and raise kids. Do you agree?

Lack of affordable housing leads to demographic decline of nation and further absorption of it by stronger neighbors. In the case of Russia by Western Europe and China.

I have technology which can effectively solve housing issue for Russian people. It is proven, inexpensive and extremely efficient. Please visit my site: www.fenorocusa.com
If you may have any further question, please, contact me at oleg@fenorocusa.com

I wish all of you have great places where you will enjoy life and rase great kids.