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12 Декабря 2019 четверг
sergey nevolin13.07.2019  с помощью web
YouTube/ COSMIC BLUE - Princess Of My Dreams (ballad)
FROM THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM "SHADES OF BLUE" Music by Jens Achenbach Produced & Arranged by Jens Achenbach Mixed & Engineered by Team 34 PRINCESS OF MY DREAMS Bittersweet of empty loneliness Here I stand alone; Come back and stay Oh I miss you so! Why did you go? And I need you more and more. if your love is just a breath away I will love you ever come what may though I'd have to pass this lonely way what's the right price I must pay? REFRAIN: Princess of my dreams please come back to me! You're the one and only You're my destiny Wind whispers a secret A message to your heart An S.O.S. from heaven From the stars above! Your love's out of reach And out of touch Years may come And baby years may go Oh I gave you so much of my heart And it's hurt before it grows. Your sweet smile is just a memory I was living in a broken dream And my world is just a fantasy You and me eternally

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